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Shipra Panosian Photography



Romance, details, emotion, color, human connection, nature, and light are the elements that make my photographer’s heart sing. My goal for your wedding day is for you to be comfortable being YOU in front of my camera – unrehearsed, real and amazing!

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St. Petersburg Wedding at Postcard Inn from Shipra Panosian Photography

Let's talk about fabulously chic weddings for a moment, shall we?  Fabulously chic weddings held at the always breathtaking Postcard Inn with enough crazy gorgeous DIY details to fill your entire Wednesday with pretty.  Because that, my friends, is exactly what this is.  A picture perfect St. Petersburg affair where a crafty bride and groom (+ awesome friends and family) created a day that is all kinds of amazing... and...


Tokyo Wedding from Shipra Panosian Photography

This, my loves, is the absolute perfect combination of beautiful, luxe details and and intimate, sweet love. That tent? Oh that tent is everything and then some. It's classically beautiful, warm and romantic, and it is filled with the most amazing ambiance, ever. All thanks to the couple at the head of the party. These two are so full of obvious adoration, my heart has completely melted over these images from Shipra Panosian Photography.


Dallas Wedding by Shipra Panosian

These gorgeous Dallas nuptials by Shipra Panosian can only be described as classic, timeless, elegant... and downright fabulous.  With an uber-chic pink and blue color scheme and a groom rockin' a bow tie, it's about as perfect a wedding as one can be.  Not to mention that the reception was held at the stunning bride's family home à la Father of the Bride and my 7th grade self is literally squealing with delight.  AND the...


Central Florida Engagement Session by Shipra Panosian Photography

I have a confession to make.  The only place in Florida I have ever visited is Disney World and I have a feeling I'm missing something spectacular.  When I imagine the sunshine state, it looks a lot like this dreamy engagement session by Shipra Panosian Photography - hazy, lush, green and wildly romantic.  This also looks a lot like the perfect date - tandem bicycle ride, homemade lemonade and cookies and cooling off with a...